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Aquatic Bath

CMS Platform Consolidation

Scope: CMS & Data Migration


Our client, Proof Advertising, was looking for a back-end development partner and a robust content management solution to aid in the development of a website for Aquatic Whirlpools. Aquatic Whirlpools, was merging with Lasco Bathware and to wanted to create a new, re-branded website that would launch in coordination with their merger announcement.  Aquatic was looking for an online solution that would quickly and effectively launch their new brand without looking disjointed. They wanted to merge product lines into one cohesive product catalog and provide a single source of consistent, standardized content to their consumers as they built brand awareness.
In addition, Aquatic was looking for a long-term scalable content management solution that would allow them to maintain the site internally. A key goal was the desire to standardize data management for their products and retailers.

The biggest challenge for this project was the merging of content and product data from two very diverse websites. The content, data and associated management tools differed in the following ways:

  • One site was written in PHP while the other was in Python
  • Two different databases contained product data - MySQL and Postgres
  • Each site had different levels of product data with custom attributes
Each site utilized custom data management tools that were developed internally.

The Kentico CMS and its associated tools allowed us to deploy a unified, scalable content management solution in a very short period of time. Not only were we able to take two very distinct product sets and combine them into a consistent, unified data structure, we were able to do so with very few obstacles due to the flexible nature of the CMS.
Solution features include:

  • Merged all content into new, unified information architecture
  • Integrated new look and feel developed by our design partner, Proof Advertising
  • Used custom document types to support structured data entry for product data without having to build custom data management forms
  • Leveraged the Kentico SQL Import Utility to import product data into the new document types
  • Implemented publishing workflow for internal content reviews/approvals