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Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative

Mobile App Rearchitecture

Scope: Redesign of Mobile App

In an effort to reduce calls to the customer support line, Bluebonnet hired Apadtdev to update their mobile app. The goal was to enable the application to relay more information in a simpler manner. In doing so, customers wouldn't feel the need to call in for basic information, thus clearing the lines for more complicated issues. In the new app, Bluebonnet wanted customers to have the ability to report outages while checking on previous outages as well, allow users to compare their usage to times with similar external temperature and previous months, and make it possible for patrons of the company to manage their account settings and billing.

The approach was to create a hybrid app that worked on all mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) By making a hybrid app, the cost of production would be lower than having separate apps made for each application market. Consistent data was an important goal in this project; this would allow data on the app to be identical to that of the website.

Apaptdev was able to update the app to fit all of the requests from Bluebonnet. As a result, Bluebonnet saw a noticeable decrease in calls to their customer support center and a dramatic increase in mobile traffic. Keeping customers from making a call saved both parties time and money.