Adaptdev, a custom software development shop in Austin, TX, was founded in September 2009 by Cy Huckaba. Cy was one of the original three partners at Springbox, a leading interactive agency in Austin, where he served as Vice President of Technology. Cy was instrumental in growing Springbox into an $8 million agency inside of four years by developing a best-in-class development team to complement the creative services offerings of the agency. After the sale of Springbox, Cy started Adaptdev with a focus on providing a full range of web and application development services that can be difficult for most companies and agencies to staff in-house. Professional, highly capable developers are very hard to find even if you know what you're looking for. They can be even harder to retain without an ongoing roadmap of challenging projects. That's where Adaptdev comes in.

With Adaptdev, you get access to a team of professional developers, quality assurance engineers and project managers that can help with all phases of a project. And you also get a company that understands marketing; over 80% of our developers have worked at interactive agencies so we work extremely well with creative partners. We understand the creative process and know the importance of accurately representing a brand with the implementation of pixel-perfect code.

Our team is committed to continuous improvement and is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and quality, improve communication and maximize value for our clients. We make every effort to speak your language so you don't have to speak ours. We're still happy to geek out on technical topics, but we get just as excited talking about workflow improvements, customer acquisition and ROI.

Adaptdev's core team members have had proven success building companies while forging lasting partnerships with clients. The client relationship model at Adaptdev revolves around forming long-term relationships, which means our solutions are built for change and built for the long run.

Adaptdev operates out of a single office in Austin, TX. All work is done in the United States.