Aquatic Bath

Aquatic Bath CMS & Data Migration

Creation of high-end consumer products site to support a merger and re-branding campaign.

  • Merged all content into new unified information architecture developing one .NET site from a PHP site and a Python site
  • Migration of product data from two different dbs – MySQL and Postgres
  • Development of new data model that merged custom attributes
  • Used custom document types to support structured data entry for product data without having to build custom data management forms


Aquatic needed the ability to manage site content, retailer information and product data with minimal effort. This was our first project with Adaptdev and they hit it out of the park. They took charge of a complex development project, combining data sets from two existing company website databases. They understand the entire picture, from strategy, planning, design, and content development, to user experience, data structure, and application development. Yet, even with their multiple skill sets, they were the development experts we needed, solving all the technical challenges with little or no pain for us.

- David Alford, Interactive Director

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