SolarWinds Ecomm Store

SolarWinds wanted to create an online, centralized store for each brand and their products within SolarWinds. They wanted to reduce call center traffic and cart drop-off rates to provide a consistent experience for their customers.

  • Implemented AspDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) as the store front-end and MS-SQL Server as the back-end (database server), a custom solution was developed that would support multiple brands with a single framework
  • Each store supports one currency for order processing
  • Set up comprehensive product catalog which is managed in the US instance and synced to the other stores
  • Created a one-page checkout page to simplify the checkout process and remove all dependencies on the ASP.Net post-back model
  • Integration with CyberSource Silent Order Processing (SOP) eliminated the need for the site to be PCI compliant, and when authorized then processes in SolarWinds' NetSuite service
  • Launch has resulted in less call-center traffic due to more users completing orders on-line. This allowed for a second brand to be added with little more than a template addition (to support a new product type), configuration changes, and catalog setup through the admin tool