Tiff's Treats

Tiff's Treats Website

Tiff’s Treats was started in January 1999 by two University of Texas students. Originally run only at night for students, they started small in a college apartment oven. Since then they have grown to 18 locations throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Tiff's Treats sell classic cookies, made from scratch, right out of the oven. The cookies are hand-delivered warm and straight to a customer.

Tiff's Treats approached Adaptdev about updating their website and create a way to support the growing business. Kentico was selected as it allowed for various roles and permissions and allowed for content editors to update across all the locations.
  • Customized GIS for the delivery area locations
  • Development of dynamic page templates leveraging simple form-based content entry
  • Development of custom image galleries and rotators to elevate the graphical appeal of the site
  • Staging synchronization module for publishing
  • Integration with existing e-commerce solution

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